Saturday, November 04, 2006

And the police force gets innovative!

Still reeling under the trauma of 7/11, Maharashtra Police with Mumbai Railway Police announced a very very innovative initiative to involve the masses to create awareness and alertness amongst them. Also to make them responsible for their own well-being.

In first of its kind initiative, the joint police force has decided to "plant" one-rupee coins at various stations in Mumbai - on the platforms, staircases, over bridges, near food stalls - and even within the railway compartments. Sure enough, lots of commuters would spot them and a lot would pick them up as well.

As soon as the commuter picks up the coin and flips it over, he will find a message pasted on the other side of the coin, which would read as:
"If you are as alert to unattended baggage, lives can be saved."

Quite innovative, ain't it?

Now comes a twist in the tale.

Even before this idea has been executed, RBI has cracked down saying "it shows disrespect to national currency and writing or pasting messages on currency is a practice discouraged by RBI".

Well, I just hope that the police authorities find a quick work-around and the awareness campaign sees the light of the day.


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