Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Boston Tea Party

Some trivia to start off…

How many partners Boston Consulting Group (BCG) has?
How many rooms Taj Palace, Delhi has?
When was last a November BCG Partner Conference had taken place outside Boston?

Cut to Hans Paul Burkner, CEO, BCG. This is what he has to say:
“Indian courts may take a long time to deliver the justice, but at least there are courts – the Chinese system is hardly as well developed.”

And mind you, these are not the bytes given out by him at Big Apple to appease Indian media. Nor are these quotes made by him during his flying visit to India.

Had you ever imagined Executive Committee Meeting of a global giant taking place in India? If not, then reality has already overtaken your imagination.

As Indian companies go global and manage to get every piece of processes done out of India, this is one of its sorts. BCG has all its partners, 426 to be precise, from 36 countries in Delhi for BCG’s Annual Partner Conference at Taj Palace. If this is not enough, the take this – For the first time ever , that the Partner Conference in the month of November is taking place at venue other Boston and it’s in India – BCG has a May Partner Conference that typically moves from country to country.

By the way, Taj Palace, Delhi has 420 (no pun intended) rooms.


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