Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Hum Hindi Aise Likhate Hain !

“Dakshin Africa ke daure ke liye Bharatiya cricket team ka chayan kiya gaya hai Kumble or Zaheer ne phir se apne liye team mein jagah bana li hai Jaffer ke roop mein ab team ke paas salami ke liye ek paryaay uplabdha hua hai Bharatiya team 12 taarikh ko Dakshin Africa ke liye ravanaa hogi ”

If you could read the above paragraph with reasonable ease then you truly represent India’s new youth that is more comfortable in reading the regional languages in English script than the native one.

Actually I stumbled upon this phenomenon when I read about one actor having demanded the dialogues in English script, instead of Hindi script which was already given to him. I found it very weird at that point in time. But then as I delved deeper into it, I found that the milieu is actually moving towards this.

1. We have our actors that earn their bread on Hindi serials / movies, but invariably break into English when they are being interviewed.
2. I have so many friends of mine who speak their mother tongue – Gujarati, Malayalam, Punjabi – whatever it is, but are too lost when it comes to reading or writing the same.
3. To a greater extent, numbers in regional language have been disappeared from the public domain.

So, what next? Where would this anglicization of our languages take us to?

It’s anybody’s guess.

I’m sure many of us do send SMS / e-mails in English script but primarily written in regional language. And to an extent, we are quite comfortable with it. Let’s take this argument a little forward.

We may have our regional newspaper in English script. A Maharashtra Times headline may read as “Bharatacha Pakistan var Vijay” in this very manner instead of Marathi script. Thus our entire newspaper could be in English script but the language would actually be regional.

Move over to the modern means of communication – website. We could have Anand Bazaar Patrika’s website in English script, but very much Bengali at heart.

Many regional language collateral / billboards have already started being scripted in English. “Jeete India, Jeete Aap” is the Reliance Telecom ad that gets flashed during ongoing Champions Trophy. And I haven’t seen these words in Hindi yet.
So what sounds far-fetched may actually be right at our door steps. It’s just a matter of time before it bakaayda enters our house.


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